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After The Club Sandwich

This is such a flavorful, filling and feel good sandwich. It's exactly what you would want AFTER the club!


1 loaf of white sliced bread

1 package of Uptons Bacon Seitan

1 package of Tofurky Peppered Turky

1 package of Tofurky Hickory Smoked

1 package of Field Roast Creamy Orignal Chao Slices




Follow Your Heart Vegenaise

Yellow Mustard

Oil for frying

(amounts vary on how many sandwiches you make)


In a little oil fry your bacon until cripsy over medium heat, allow to cool

Toast your bread

Begin creating your sandwich in this order:

First slice of bread, vegenaise, lettuce, tomato, white cheese, hickory smoked tofurkey, mayo

Second slice of bread, mustard, avocado, cheese, peppered turkey, bacon, mustard third piece of bread.

Place toothpicks in two corners, cut into traingles

Serve and Enjoy!


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