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Pancake and Sausage Bites

Hot diggity darn these babies are so yummy.


1 cup Bisquick mix

1 prepared Follow Your Heart egg

½ cup almond milk

1 package of Field Roast apple maple sausages, cut each piece into 4 smaller bite size pieces


Oil for pan frying

Oil for deep frying


In a medium frying pan heat your sausage bites in a drizzle of oil

Cook until heated and browned

In a small sauce pan or fryer heat 1-2 cups of oil

Prepare your pancake batter by mixing first three ingredients

Dip each sausage bite in pancake mix

Feel free to use a toothpick, I just used my hands

When each bite is fully coated drop into the hot oil

(Oil will be hot when a drop of water sizzles when dropped in oil)

Using tongs move each ball around to evenly brown

They should be done after 2-3 minutes

Should be golden brown, don’t overcook

Remove from and place on paper towel to drain

Repeat with remaining batter and sausages

Serve with warm syrup for dipping

#fieldroast #bisquick #followyourheart


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