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Tu-No Melt

Sometimes all you want is a simple sandwich that just melts in your mouth and makes you feel good!


Ms Vegan Tu-no Salad, recipe below

Follow Your Heart Provolone slices

Bread of choice

Earth Balance Butter Softened or Follow Your Heart Vegenaise


Spread butter or vegenaise on one side of each of your bread

Heat a medium non stick skillet over medium/high heat

Place one slice of bread, butter side down on your working space

Top with a generous amount of tu-no salad

Top with Cheese, depending on slice of bread might use 1-2 pieces

Place butter side down into heated pan

Place top slice of bread butter side up

Heat for roughly 3 minutes until golden

Carefully flip

Cover and cook for an additional 2-3 minutes until golden and cheese has started to melt

Remove and repeat

Serve and enjoy!

Tuno Salad


1 can of garbanzo beans, chopped

1 can of of palm, chopped heart

1/3 cup of vegenaise

2 tbls of mustard

1/4 cup relish or more

1 apple diced

1/2 small red onion, chopped

salt and pepper

dash of vinegar


I like to use a food processor and roughly chop/mash the beans and hearts of palm

(If you don't have a food processor feel free to mash the beans and roughly chop the hearts of palm)

Place into a medium bowl

Combine remaining ingredients and mix well


Place into refrigerator to cool for at least an hour


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