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Weekend Breakfast Sandwiches

Weekends were made for enjoying breakfast. But sometimes we don't have the time to make a gourmet breakfast. Thank goodness for quick, easy, hearty, delicious breakfast sandwiches like this one!


Tofurky Breakfast Links

4 Follow Your Heart Eggs

1-2 Tomatoes sliced

Daves Killer Bread, slightly toasted

Roughly 1 cup of Follow Your Hearts Cheddar Shreds

Ketchup, vegenaise, or any other spread you enjoy

Vegetable oil


In a medium frying pan heat a little oil over medium high heat

Cut your sausages to desired sandwich sizes

Place into your pan

Fry on all sides for roughly 2-3 minutes until browned

Remove and set aside

In the same pan add you Vegan Eggs

Cook until scrambled

Once desired texture has been met sprinkle with your shreds

Cover, and turn off heat, allowing the cheese to melt

Make your sandwiches

Take your slightly toasted bread

Add your spread of choice

Top with egg and cheese mix, sausages and then your tomatoes

Add your top bread

Repeat with remaining sandwiches

Serve and enjoy!


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