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GF Burrito

A simple tasty Gluten Free Burrito! You won't fill like you're missing anything in this hearty Burrito!


2 cups prepared GF pinto beans

1 black of firm tofu, drained

1 package of Trader Joes Soyrizo

1 tsp chipotle chili powder

1 tsp paprika

1 tbl liquid amino

1 cup cooked corn

2 tomatoes, chopped

1/3 cup green salsa

1-2 cups So Delicious shredded cheese

2-3 cups prepared Cauliflower rice

Follow Your Heart GF Tortillas

Follow Your Heart Sour Cream, optional



In a medium bowl add your corn, tomatoes, and salsa

Mix well

Allow to marinate in refrigerator until ready to use

Heat a little oil in a medium frying pan over medium-high heat

Crumble in your tofu

Heat for roughly 5 minutes until starting to brown

Add in your soyrizo

Mix well

Cook for an additional 3-5 minutes

Add in your liquid amino, paprika, and chili powder

Mix well

Turn off heat

Prepare your burritos

Heat the tortillas first according to FYH directions

Sprinkle center with a little cheese

Top with a little cauliflower rice

Next add your beans and soyrizo mix

Top with salsa and sour cream if using

Roll up into burrito

Repeat with remaining ingredients

Serve and enjoy


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