Balsamic 'Chicken' and Polenta

This dish is such a delectable mix of colors, flavors and textures that everyone will enjoy!


18oz Ancient Harvest prepared polenta

1 package of Beyond Meat chicken

1 tbl chicken-less broth

½ cup water

1/3 cup Balsamic vinegar

Baby Spinach leaves

4 roma tomaotes, sliced

Olive oil

Garlic salt

½ cup Earth Balance butter

½ cup non-dairy milk


In a small sauce pan add the first 3 ingredients

Cook over medium high heat until heated thoroughly

Turn off heat and let sit until ready to use

Preheat oven to 425

Place your sliced tomatoes on a prepared baking sheet

Drizzle with olive oil and salt

Bake in preheated oven for roughly 30 minutes until roasted

In a large pan add a little olive oil

Sauté your spinach for 3-5 minutes

Turn off heat and season with a little garlic salt

Chop your polenta into tiny pieces

Using the microwave cook polenta until softened and cream*

Add a little milk and butter every 60 seconds or so

Mix well and continue to cook until grits consistency