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Ms. V’s Cheeseburger

It's a cheeseburger, but on a whole 'nother level!


Onion Jam, recipe below

Beyond Meat Beyond Burger

Vio Life Mature Cheddar Slices

Sweet Earth Hickory Bacon

¼ cup of Dijon mustard

1 tbl of old style Dijon (with seeds)


Rudi’s Hamburger Buns

Vegetable Oil

Melted Earth Balance Butter


Mix your Dijon and old style mustard. Allow to marinate until ready to use

Cook your bacon according to directions, set aside

In the same pan form your patties into desired shape and size

Cook on each side for 2-3 minutes

Once done add your cheese slices

Cover and cook for 1 minute until cheese is melted*

Repeat with remaining patties

Turn off heat

Once patties are removed from the pan, add your arugula to the pan to soak up liquid

Remove quickly and place into large mixing bowl

Using hands massage the arugula briefly

Prepare burgers

Spread bottom bun with melted butter then your dijon mix

Add a little of your onion jam on the bottom

Place your cheesy patty down on bun

Add more onion jam and then your bacon

Spread top bun with dijon and press your arugula into the bun

Carefully flip over to top your burger

Brush top of bun with melted butter

Repeat with remaining burgers

Serve and enjoy!

*You can always microwave after to help melt the cheese

Onion Jam


3 onions, diced

2 tbl of white balsamic vinegar

2 tbl of sugar

Vegetable oil


In a large frying pan add a little oil and heat over medium high heat

Add in your onions

Cook turning often until caramelized ( like them really caramelized)

Once caramelized add in your sugar and vinegar

Mix well

Cook until liquid has thickened into a jam mix


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