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Veggie Tower

When you take simple ingredients and create a beautiful Vegetable masterpeice.

Using ingredients delivered to us by Imperfect Produce!


Roughly 8-10 Purple Potatoes, sliced thin

1 Head of Broccoli, cut into florets

1 Head of Cauliflower, cut into Florets

2 butternut squash, cooked and mashed (You can bake it, or even quicker is microwaving)

2 packages of Beyond Meat Chicken

2 tbl of chicken-less flavor and roughly 1/2 or more of water

1 tsp of paprika

2-3 tbls of Vegan Butter

Salt and Pepper

Oil of choosing

Deep Ramekin dishes


Preheat oven to 425

In a medium sauce pan add your chicken-less flavor and water

Heat over medium heat

Add in your chicken, add more water if not enough

Let cook for 8-10 minutes

Turn off heat

Carefully remove the chicken and place onto a cutting board, using two forks, shred the chicken

Once all the chicken is shredded, return to pan with broth (Make sure there isn't too much broth should be just enough to soak flavor back into the chicken)

Let sit for 15 minutes

Toss your Potatoes in a little oil and season with salt

Spread evenly onto baking sheet

Bake until starting to crisp up, roughly 20 minutes depending on how thinly sliced they are.

Toss your florets in a little oil and season with salt

Spread on baking sheet and bake until roasted, shaking pan halfway through. roughly 20 minutes

Take your shredded chicken and place into baking pan

Season with salt and pepper

Add in your paprika and a little butter, mix well

Place under the broiler for roughly 5-6 minutes, mixing up the chicken halfway

Take your cooked squash and remove the inside 'meat'

Place into a bowl and add 1 tbl of butter and a little salt

Mash well

Time to plate:

Carefully spread you potatoes on your plate to the size of your ramekin

Grease your ramekin

Add in a little of your roasted veggies

Follow by a a little of your cooked squash

Carefully turn your ramekin upside down onto your potatoes

It should gently slide out and top of your potatoes

Top with a large spoonful of your chicken

Feel free to garnish with fresh herbs

Repeat, serve and enjoy!


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