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Barbacoa and Mac Burrito

A unique twist on a burrito! With just a few simple ingredients you create a delicious portable taste of heaven.


1 package of Cena Vegan Barbacoa meat prepared

1 package of Daiya Mac N Cheese

1-2 tbl of butter

1/3 cup non dairy milk

1/4 cup nutritional yeast

Flour Tortillas

Earth Balance Butter


Cook your Mac and cheese according to directions

Once prepared add in your butter, milk and nutritional yeast mix well and cool slightly (this step is optional, i just like to add more to the mac)

In the center of your tortilla add a good amount of mac and cheese

Top with your barbacoa

Fold in sides and roll up into burrito

Repeat with remaining ingredients or however many burritos you're making

In a non stick pan add a little butter

Heat over medium high heat

Place burrito in, seam side down

Cook on all sides until burrito is golden

Remove and repeat

Serve and enjoy!


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