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Donut Taco Bout It

When sweet meets savory in the best possible way for Breakfast. Taking a delicious donut, stuffing it with Cheesy Vegan Scrambled Eggs and Al Pastor! is ridiculously amazing!


Donut Friend Glazed Donut, cut in half

Cena Vegan Al Pastor

3-4 Follow Your Heart Vegan Eggs

1/3 cup of Follow Your Heart Mozzarella

1 tbl nutritional yeast

salt and pepper

Veg Oil

Hot sauce of choice


Wrap each Donut halves with saran wrap

Form into Taco shapes, place in refrigerator over night

Prepare your Cena Meat according to directions

In a non stick pan add a little oil and heat over medium high heat

Whisk your vegan egg and water, according to package directions

Place into hot pan and whisk until scrambled eggs consistency

Should take roughly 7 minutes

Add in your nutritional yeast and cheese

Season with salt and pepper

Remove donuts from refrigerator

Place a spoonful of your Scrambled Vegan Egg inside the donut taco shell

Top with your Al pastor

Drizzle with hot sauce


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