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MsVegan McGriddle

Just like your childhood McDonald classics, but cruelty free! The pancake is drizzled with syrup and comforting two delicious syrup infused breakfast sausage patties! Feel free to eat it with your hands or a fork!


Maple Syrup

Pancake Syrup

Vegetable Oil


Mix your Sausage with a little Maple Syrup

Form into patties

Heat a little vegetable oil in a non stick pan over medium high heat

Add in your patties and cook on each side until browned


Mix your pancake mix according to directions, using the Vegan Egg in replacement of the eggs

Heat a little oil in your pan. enough that covers the entire pan

Once heated add in your pancake mix, make them the same size as your sausage patties*

Once they start to bubble drizzle with a little pancake syrup

Wait a few seconds then carefully flip

Cook until golden on each side

Remove and repeat, adding in more oil if necessary

Once done plate:

1 pancake followed by your sausage patty followed by another pancake, sausage and a pancake on top!

This makes a double McGriddle, feel free to only make a single

Serve with a little extra pancake syrup

*These are almost like fried pancakes, feel free to eliminate the oil


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