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Cinnamon Roll Waffles

During hot summer months no one wants to turn their oven on but that doesn't mean you don't want to eat yummy breakfast pastries. Here is a way to enjoy delicious cinnamon rolls without having to turn the oven on. This recipe is so simple it really doesn't even need a recipe.


1 package of Vegan Friendly Cinnamon Rolls (I will list some below)

Waffle Maker



Heat your waffle maker

Spray generously with cooking spray

Place one cinnamon roll into each waffle square (or triangle, depends on your waffle maker)

Carefully close lid

Cook for roughly 3 (Don't overcook it doesn't take long)

Remove and repeat with cinnamon rolls

Drizzle with icing

Plate and serve with syrup (Optional)

See how easy that was?


Vegan friendly cinnamon rolls: Immaculate baking cinnamon rolls, Annie's, and Trader Joes

OR you can make MsVegan Quick N' Easy Cinnamon Rolls


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