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Copycat Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana (Vegan)

We have made not only a copycat version of Olive Gardens infamous soup, Zuppa Toscana, but made it Vegan. And this is hands down one of the best soups i've EVER had. I'm not really even a soup person but this dish makes me want to be.


14oz of Beyond Meat Spicy Sausage

6-8 slices of Vegan Bacon

8 tbsp of Vegan Butter

1/2 onion, diced

2 tbsp crushed garlic

2-3 cups of cubed potatoes, skin on

1/3 cup of Better Than Bouillon Vegetarian Base

6-8 cups water

8oz Vegan Cream Cheese

1/3 cup Nutritional Yeast

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

3-4 cups of chopped kale leaves


In a large stock pot heat a little oil over medium high

Crumble in your Sausage and cook until browned, remove from pan and set aside

Chop your bacon into roughly 1/2-1 inch pieces

Place into pan with a little oil and cook until starting to crisp

Removed from pan and set aside

Using same pan add add in your butter

Once melted add in your onion

Cook for 3-5 minutes

Add in your garlic

Cook for 1 minute then add in your cubed potatoes Sauté for 3 minutes or so Add in vegetable bouillon

Followed by your water, start with 6 cups and add more if needed

Cook until potatoes are tender, roughly 20 minutes Once potatoes are tender add in your cream cheese

Once cream cheese has melted add in Nutritional Yeast, Salt and Pepper Stir well

Add in your kale Lastly add your cooked sausage

Add in your cooked bacon, save a few tbsps of your cooked bacon to garnish


Top each bowl with reserved bacon pieces



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