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Monte Cristo Roll Ups

Monte Cristo is one of my favorite sandwiches. Between the fried bread is vegan mayo, dijon mustard, vegan Swiss cheese, and vegan hickory deli slices. Fried to perfection and topped with powdered sugar and served with preserves or jam. Today were taking the sandwich and making perfect roll ups that are perfect for dipping into the preserves or jam.


Sliced Bread

Vegan Mayo

Dijon Mustard

Vegan Swiss Cheese slices, we used Daiya

Vegan Hickory Deli Slices, we used Tofurky

1 cup of just vegan egg

1/3 cup of non dairy milk

Powdered sugar

Preserves or jam


In a medium bowl whisk together your vegan egg and non dairy milk

Set aside

Heat a little butter in a non stick pan over medium heat

Remove the crust from your bread

Using a rolling pin flatten out your bread slices

Spread with a little vegan mayo and dijon mustard

Add your cheese and deli slices

Carefully roll up tightly

Dip into your egg mix to fully coat

Place into hot pan and fry on each side until golden

Remove and plate

Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve with preserves or jam

Serve and enjoy!


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