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Vegan Chicken And Waffle Casserole

For this recipe I partnered up with Nowadays Original nuggets to create the most delicious Vegan Chicken and Waffle Casserole.

Have you tried Nowadays Original Nuggets? This was my first time trying them and I was blown away. Wow just wow. *

Let’s be honest, there aren’t a lot of delicious Vegan Crispy Chicken options on the market. But Nowadays just changed that. Their perfectly breaded vegan chicken nuggets are the REAL DEAL and absolutely amazing.

Not only do they taste delicious. They're a healthier meat alternative. So you can enjoy Junk food without all the Junk. Nowadays nuggets are made with no added sugar, thickeners, binders or artificial flavors. They contain only 7 pronounceable ingredients, and have 13grams of protein. It’s that simple.

These are definitely a game changer and my new go to nuggets.

I know I know…’re now asking how can I get my hands on them?!? Currently they’re available exclusively in California online HERE And by using code MSVEGAN25 you can get 25% OFF your first order!

If you don’t live in California don’t worry they’ll be near you soon. You can sign up to join the waitlist and be the first to know when they’ll be near you!


16oz of Nowadays Original Nuggets, prepared, you can get them HERE

Roughly 2-3 cups of cooked, chopped Vegan friendly waffles (Whole foods sell frozen vegan waffles)

24oz of Vegan liquid eggs

2-3 tbsp melted vegan butter

1/2 cup of plant based milk

1 tsp of cinnamon

1/3 cup maple syrup

Syrup for serving


Preheat oven to 400

To a medium bowl add your vegan eggs, cinnamon, milk, butter and maple syrup

Whisk well

In a medium greased baking dish add in your waffles and nowadays chicken

Roughly mix with hands

Pour in your vegan egg mix to cover waffles and chicken

Bake in preheated oven for roughly 1 hr until eggs have set

Remove from oven

Drizzle with sryup

Serve and enjoy!

*While this is an ad, my opinions of the product are true and honest.


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