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Western Bacon Cheeseburger Fries

I'm sure you have heard of Carl's Jr's infamous Western Bacon Cheeseburger by now. You know the Charbroiled Burger, with Bacon, Crispy Onion, BBQ Sauce and Cheese? Well not only did we veganize it, we removed the bread and threw it on some crispy fries. It is delicious. A definite must try.


Roughly 12-16oz Vegan Ground Meat, we used 1 package of Impossible Meat

6-8 slices of Vegan Bacon, we used All Vegetarian Vegan Bacon

5 slices of Vegan Cheese, we used Follow Your Heart Provolone

BBQ Sauce

Roughly 3/4 cup of vegan friendly crispy onions (Salad toppings)

22 oz Frozen fries


Prepare fries according to directions

While fries are coking prepare toppings

In a Cast Iron pan add a little oil and heat to medium-high

Brown your Vegan Meat

Add in 1-2 tbsp of BBQ sauce

Mix well

Remove Meat from pan

Return pan to heat and add in a little more oil

Cook bacon in hot oil until they start to crisp up

Place prepared Fries into an oven friendly dish

Top with you browned vegan meat

Add your cheese on top of the meat

Followed by bacon

Drizzle with a little bbq sauce

With the oven up high or on low broil place dish into oven

Bake until cheese had melted

Remove and top with crispy onions

Serve and enjoy!


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